Another week, another Hacker News spike! 🀣

This one for our license change announcement.

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@markosaric Plausible seems to be HN's favourite project. Anyway, the impact of licensing is something I haven't really thought about since I haven't made much worthwhile. But I do have some (tiny) business ideas now and this post got me thinking about the license ramifications. I'll look if AGPL is suitable for my next thing. Thanks for the post. :)

@nicd thanks! definitely worth considering. wish we knew about these types of things before we started πŸ˜€

@nicd @markosaric unless your project will be built on top of plausable, its license will not impact anything. just mention the fact that you are using it and link to its source code somewhere in the about page.

@dym @markosaric I'm not using Plausible. I was thinking about how to license my own future projects.

@nicd @markosaric sure, it can be dual-licensed with AGPL + Commercial, why not have potential of a direct income from your own work

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