Anyone has any good examples of terms of service written for human beings?

I want to add something but don't want it to be written by a lawyer for a robot.

We have a nice human friendly privacy page so would be good with something similar for ToS.

someone sent me this from the basecamp people! seems like a perfect and human friendly starting point:

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@utahcon agree. but lawyers don't accept that unfortunately 

@markosaric But really, it is difficult for ToS to be both colloquial and effective, because the more human readable it is, the easier it usually is to find loopholes. What is the gist of what you want your ToS to say? 

@blackernel a legal team from a large company asked us to send them our ToS. i can just take a template (and we have something) and send them but we've done everything our way until now so why not even this. some kind of everything is fine unless illegal open source like ToC but perhaps it doesn't exist?

@markosaric When you make a legal document, you don't have to specify that they can't do anything illegal, that is assumed by the body of the law and you can't write anything in that would allow them to do something that is forbidden by a law which has jurisdiction in a larger domain.

If this is the ToS for using your software, that would be equivalent to your License, but if your company has a hosted service that you have terms for, then it would be slightly different.

If you really mean that everything is fine unless it is illegal, and you are sure that you understand what is and isn't illegal in your field, then you could just tell them that you have an all permissive Terms of Service, which you could model along the lines of the GNU APL:

@markosaric The basic difference between a License and a ToS is that in a License you are saying, "You can use my product IF..." and in a ToS you are saying, "You can use my service IF..."

At least from how I understand it #notalawer #butIplayoneontheinternet

@blackernel thanks. makes sense. it's for our hosted service of our open source software. i'll search a bit for some examples of basic and simple ToS and start from there

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