Wow Firefox, Brave, WordPress, EFF, DuckDuckGo and others getting together to allow your browser to send the signal to websites you visit and indicate your privacy choices! Seems like a real deal! Love this idea! ๐Ÿ‘

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@abloo some very big names involved so let's see what happens. if WP alone enables it, it goes on 30+% of the web

@abloo @markosaric

Yep, browser vendors be like: leaking tons of user data all over the internet and attaching totally ineffective flag on users who care about privacy. It actually has an adverse effect: It allows trackers to identify users who care about privacy. Hence they added another piece of data to leak...

@uniq @abloo @markosaric i concede to this. instead of providing anything special it becomes another point of identification. May be that was the reason behind this they are just sugarcoating it.

@abloo @markosaric

If a browser vendor would care about privacy they could:

* block known tracker domains by default
* stop sending referrer headers
* stop sending user agent headers
* cookies always opt-in
* deny javascript access to the clipboard
* deny javascript access to bluetooth mac addresses
* ...

But they don't, hence they don't even try to stop leaking data, for the benefit of feature bloat

(with tons of potentially vulnerable dependencies)


@markosaric Chrome has monopoly control, so I welcome the symbolism at least, and let's see what we can do with it from there!

@Marko Saric The problem with this approach (and DoNotTrack) is that it moves the responsibility for opting out to the individual. We should turn it around and make a "PleaseTrackMe" signal, and make it illegal to track anybody unless you explicitly found the signal.

@harald yeah ideally it would be the OS / browser level - when you install it, it gives you clear and easy to understand choice (kind of like GDPR demands) and you make your selection before you start. kind of like you can select your favorite color theme and such... then you never have to worry about consent, popups etc anymore

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