"Tbh you could do this yourself with a reverse IP lookup, a small piece of JS and a single DB table"

This reminds me of that famous Hacker News comment on the Dropbox announcement.

@markosaric everything in the Dropbox comment is true, and yet people pay Dropbox lots of money for the convenience and ease of use, scaling, and virality.

What this gives us is a to-do list for federated and decentralised services: they must excel at convenience, setup, ease of use, scalability and vitality.

I'd also add, exceptional UX and design, and increasingly important are privacy, security, surveillance and censorship resistance.

Any others?

@happybeing yep, I'm sure it's true for what the person said about how easy they could build their own analytics as well.

it's just most people cannot do that (i can't!) or don't want to do that (it still probably takes too long time and effort to get it right, maintain it etc).

your to-do list is why billions of people use Google, Facebook etc and other proprietary services... that's what open source has to do in order to compete.

we do what we can with Plausible to do that vs GA

This reminds me of the expression, "everything is easy once you know how" ;)

@lps @markosaric @happybeing I agree, a lot of people choose convenience over privacy every time which is why raising awareness for non-tech oriented users is important (in addition to the previously listed reasons)

@happybeing @markosaric The trap is that convenience, setup, and ease of use (not sure what "vitality" means in this context) are difficult, annoying, painful, and nobody wants to do them for free. Hackers don't do those things for fun, because they aren't.

@bamfic @happybeing that's why probably most products made by hackers are only used by other hackers and the general population sticks to pretty and convenient proprietary products. and this has to change if foss is to become more popular and more relevant

@bamfic @markosaric that should be 'virality'

I agree, but we must do it or remain a backwater.

Tools help, Svelte for example I find fun and I've always struggled with UI, even though I recognise and value excellent UX and understand its importance. Svelte is fun because the tool fits my learning style (practical, play, incremental) and has a great community.

Safe Network project also recognise UX is vital, employs a superb, committed UX designer who engages with the community and shares his ideas

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