Who's experienced with editing Wikipedia?

I'd like to add @plausible to this list as we fit perfectly but seems like a requirement is to create a whole Wiki page for Plausible to do that? Is this something we can do or someone neutral has to do it?

@markosaric @plausible You can't make the page, you can't influence the process, you can't do anything about this, or risk having the creation of a page be delayed a long time...

@markosaric @plausible Wikipedia requires independent sources, so you cannot create such an article yourself: -- There is also the notability criteria, the subject of the article must be notable enough.

@nicd @markosaric @plausible
Is the entry of a discontinued product 'notible enough' to stay in the list?
Look at the 'Mint' entry: It's red-linked, which means there is no article page about it. The entry was added in July 2016 and is still in the list.

Everybody can edit wikipedia pages. That's what makes it a free encyclopedia. If he can link to at least one independent source then the result should comply with the terms and conditions of that list.

If there's a will there's a way...

@fredl99 @nicd thanks! i see someone just added us! let's see what happens! :)

@changaco thanks for sharing! that's what i assumed so asked before taking any action :)

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