Good day yesterday! Hacker News crowd was nice! 😱

One of my most liked comments:

"Plausible was not built to be a clone or a full on feature by feature replacement. It is an alternative that works for many people who think GA is complicated, slow, privacy intrusive and so on"

Status here:

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@markosaric Great news! I'm going to try self-hosted Plausible for myself

On a side note, would you consider removing $ from code blocks in your documentation? It would make it much easier to just copy+paste code into my terminal

For example, this tries to solve this problem:

@blueberry thanks! hmm my co-founder wrote those instructions so not sure why he included the $. there's a way to edit our docs so perhaps you can try that and he'll respond to you? he deals with these more technical aspects... thanks!

@markosaric @blueberry the dollar $ means command don't require Super User right to execute
Otherwise it would be an hash tag #

That way you can omit sudo in commands (not everybody use sudo)

@duponin @blueberry i guess that's useful to know so makes sense to have it! there's only like 5 of the $ signs in the whole docs so easy to manually remove them too as you're installing it

@blueberry I made a shell script that executes whatever you provide to it and put it in `$`. Basically it "removes" the $.

@Wingy Ah ok, I see! I had just installed undollar to do the same thing, but that is a much more lightweight solution

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