Enter the address of your favourite website to check which user-tracking technologies it uses and who it is sending your data to.

Cool new tool!

@markosaric I did not work for me. It said there is an issue with Backlight. I will try again later. Thanks for sharing this information. It all helps and shows we what are dealing with. Blessings

@markosaric This works as expected for my favourite benchmark when I test blockers. That "women's magazine" is basically without real content even measured against the low bar of typical cliché resentment. It's just trackers and cookies.

@markosaric My local newspaper's site has 38 ad trackers and 75 third-party cookies. (gazetteseries dot co dot uk, in case you want to admire the fantastic UX this creates.)

@markosaric Fascinating. My own personal web site, a WordPress instance with a few plugins, has an Alphabet cookie and I have no idea what I installed that should report anything at all to them. Many thanks for this, now I will investigate.

@stevefoerster you're welcome! yeah you seem to have several calls to google mostly because of google fonts

@markosaric Perhaps that's something in the theme? But I'm using one of the "boring" default WP themes. 🤔

@stevefoerster likely the theme but could be a plugin too. try switch to a different theme. i think the new default theme doesn't have any google connection

@markosaric Probably a plugin. Another site I have that uses the same theme comes up clean. Now to compare plugin use between them....

@markosaric that’s awesome, thanks for sharing. I will even donate and support that. Besides Mastodon the only other “social media” that I still use is Tumblr and the result was very good! ​:blobfistbumpB:

re: LB

backlight privacy scan gives good results on fedi sites, sourcehut, (unsurprisingly)

perhaps more surprising is bandcamp and also get perfect scores. github does well but not perfect, which I didn't expect.

despite mozilla harping on and on about privacy, they have an alphabet ad tracker on their site.

gitlab, circleci, and spotify all come out a total mess. not even going to bother scanning news sites and big sites like amazon because I already know what it'll say.

@markosaric Doesn't work properly if there is a cookie-consent wall. In that case it only checks the outside of the consent wall, not the actual website.

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