DuckDuckGo's Tracker Radar (list used in Safari's Privacy Report) has found calls to Google on 82% of all sites. Facebook scripts come second (34% of sites).

Google Analytics is the most popular third-party connection (Google owns 8 of top 10 calls).

@x now you're a hipster from reddit too (TIL is a term i learned there) 😂

@markosaric To my horror my own blog (WP 2020 theme) somehow has Doubleclick automatically installed, even with all plugins deactivated, although I never intended to do any kind of ads. Any guidance how to get rid of this?

@ericbuijs hmm yes I see it there on your site. is it part of the theme for sure? i've used that theme in the past and it didn't have it.

If it is part of the theme, you need to go into your Appearance section then Theme Editor and then look into header.php and functions.php files for a javascript snippet that calls google/doubleclick and remove it

@markosaric @alcinnz I would like to have a search option which filters all websites with these trackers.

@sankakujin @alcinnz good idea for a search engine :)

not many sites left but could work

@alcinnz @markosaric wiby just gave me a site as result, which loads JavaScript from Google. So maybe they are only rejecting heavy JS usage and commercial sites?

@sankakujin @markosaric

Here's their conditions:

"Pages must be simple in design. Simple HTML, non-commerical sites are preferred.
Pages should not use much scripts/css for cosmetic effect. Some might squeak through.
Don't use ads that are intrusive (such as ads that appear overtop of content).
Don't submit a page which serves primarily as a portal to other bloated websites."

@markosaric What web browser would you suggest to use. Duckduckgo seems to be more and more like google using google information.

@raymondthebrave i use firefox. if you don't like firefox, the other alternative i recommend is brave

@markosaric Here Google owns (almost) nothing coz is doing it's job 😅

@epical nice! would be great if we also try and change the web to use less intrusive tools and find better business models. most web users would never install pihole or adblockers.

@markosaric TIL. At least you can mitigate every bit of it with Ungoogled Chromium + UBO, HTTPS Everywhere, Denetraleyes, and ClearURLs... I mean you could also use those plugins with Firefox but its so insecure nomatter what you do it's hard to recommend anyone to ever use it.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat why would firefox be more insecure than unofficial version of chromium?

@markosaric Ungoogled Chromium is just normal Chromium but striped from Google services and tracking. It still retains the security model. Firefox is weak in or entirely lacks; site isolation, win32 lockdown, limited X11 exposure, GPU process isolation, ioctl filtering, hardened malloc, CFI, JIT exploit mitigations, ACG, CIG, and much more. Chromium reduces or entirely fixes all of those issues.

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