Never launched on Product Hunt before so this is exciting! Doing it a bit against the "best practices":

No famous hunter
No fancy GIF and/or video
Didn't tell anyone about it before the launch

Let's see what happens! 👀

Do share your feedback please 🙏

Pretty cool "launch day dashboard" that Product Hunt has! Very useful!

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@markosaric You're at number 3 trending for today. Never used Product Hunt, but I think that can only be a good thing!

@freddy yeah it's a good start! thank you! let's see how we get on during the day. i may write a recap at some point with my learnings

@markosaric Got my upvote! I did a similar launch on product hunt earlier this year and I was so confused by the process. I still don’t even understand what a hunter is/does 🤷‍♂️

@joshdholtz thanks Josh! basically just some popular person who has a large audience... many end up getting on these people to submit their product

@markosaric Ohhhhhh... so the hunter submits the product instead of you (the creator) submitting the product? That makes so much sense now 😇

@markosaric Ironically Producthunt is using Google Analytics themselves 😢 Do you think there's a chance to make them switch to Plausible?

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