"Trump says he will ban TikTok as the app could be used to collect the personal data of Americans"

Ban Facebook and Google too? Their data collection is so much more powerful. Never seen TikTok scripts anywhere while most apps and sites send your personal data to FB and Google.

@markosaric nah, their gov doesn't spy on nobodies citizens. No wait...

Sure, Google and Facebook are everywhere (websites and apps ;, and TikTok data harvesting is not on the web (, but wait until TikTok launches a “Connect with TikTok feature” that may gain traction.

@meduz yeah so if they ban one upcoming app for privacy reasons they can just as well start with the two established giants who collect personal data on pretty much every web or mobile user

TikTok the app does a _lot_ more data collection than either of those though, is my understanding.

And well, I'm sure you're aware of the obvious - the real question is why e.g. the EU hasn't banned Facebook and Google yet.

@pettter @pettter there's nothing inherently wrong with products and services that google and facebook create. it's more that they take some bad actions thanks to their business model so eu tries to regulate them

Actually, there's plenty wrong with both of their business models.

@pettter it's difficult to compare the scale of them. tiktok is tiny compared to what the other two do. pretty much every american is tracked by google and facebook no matter whether they have an account or whether they install their app

@markosaric Facebook, Google and Amazon. He will be mr. Popular in an instant.

@markosaric It's just a modern form of warfare.
In WW1 and WW2 (and other wars), you raided merchant shipments, starving them from supplies.
In the information age, you raid their services, starving them from information.

This isn't about privacy and "respecting civil privacy", this is about starving their rivals (mainly China atm) of information.

"The United States is looking at banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok"
(first line of first result when searching for 'tiktok social')

The problem for Trump is that it's Chinese. Period.
This is all about the Cold War with China.

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