Customer is always right and all that but every time someone asks about Plausible supporting AMP I need to restrain myself from sharing this post. Sometimes I fail 😂

It's on Github now so let's see what the community says.

@markosaric sometimes it's better to tell customers they are wrong.

In UNIX one would probably hand them a gun and show the foot, but plausible might not follow the UNIX philosophy that strictly, so you do the right thing, keep it up!

@sheogorath thanks for your comment, appreciate it!

i'm happy to share my opinion on my site and have people discover it on their own and i can perhaps help change their mind, but i'm not really much into trying to convince people about something if they have not proactively shown interest in what my opinion is

@markosaric I personally don't see anything wrong in sounding like Stallman. I'm not a fan of personality and the way he behaves socially, but I'm a great fan of his work. (I saw the # so might as well say it)

But I digress, great post.

#Google #Chrome

@TheMainOne @markosaric "I'm not a fan of personality and the way he behaves socially"

yeah... you don't want to sound like stallman

plus his social skills extend to his management mindset lol


#Stallman is a #hacker.

People don't like us.
Too weird.

And we're not part of American remorse (yet). No coscience to wash.

So they don't need to brag about being inclusive, with us.


@markosaric anytime I see the abomination that is a AMP link I cringe.

@markosaric You should link to this post every time someone asks about AMP support.This could make some people stop using AMP and that would be great.

@markosaric Every time people talk about AMP, I think about WAP. Another corporate push for serving web pages which made great promises we (thankfully) don't hear much about anymore.

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