Yay! I have added support for mention-of on my site! :D

It was so simple to extend it from how I handle a webmention reply. Structured data from an API + structured development = win. :)

@yarmo @celia nice! who's got the simplest step by step guide on adding to WordPress? would like to try to do it on my site too

@markosaric @yarmo @kev is probably the best person to ask for WordPress and IndieWeb. ;)

@markosaric it's actually really simple on WordPress. If all you want to do is implement Webmention, install the IndieWeb plugin, which will then give you the option to install the specific webmention plugins.

I'd recommend webmention & semantic-linkbacks as minimum.

Once that's done you site supports Webmentions. If you want to parse Masto comments over, use brid.gy

Drop me an email if you get stuck - happy to talk more about it.

@yarmo @celia


@kev @yarmo @celia thanks Kev! i'll take some time to try it out this weekend

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