Apple's new Safari Privacy Report seems to be blocking Google Analytics from tracking people across the web just like Firefox and Brave are doing already!

So it's the DuckDuckGo team that's helping Apple block Google Analytics from cross-site tracking. Nice work! 👏

They announced it on Twitter:

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@markosaric I literally just saw that bit of the WWDC video and went full "what the fuck Firefox has had this for like 6 versions now"

@markosaric I hope it is a great step toward faster and more private web

@techit for those on apple devices for sure, for others just use firefox 😀

@markosaric yes, it takes some time convincing someone to move from his safe space

@markosaric guy in the comments raging at them for being an enemy of small businesses 🤷‍♂️

Interesting debate about GA being a tracker or not! Some real GA fanboys! Firefox doesn't do it very well brave has been pretty gold in my experience and safari seems alright but still closed source ugh


Small good deed but still a closed source OS and program they run so still a privacy nightmare.

@markosaric there's a reason In just use Clicky ;o .

More and more systems / companies will be unhappy that GA is so invasive.

AFAIK Clicky doesn't really track anything other than "Oh hey. You got a hit on this page." Could be wrong.

@markosaric And it also uses the exact same icon for it.
Conspiracy theory: Safari is actully firefox in deep cover ;-)

@markosaric That is very nice, indeed! Good for Apple. If they remove the requirement to login to your Apple ID on your iPhone (I don't have either), I would consider get an iPhone. Especially now when iOS 14 are coming.

@markosaric "Like Firefox is doing already"...well,they're even preventing uBlock Origin from blocking Google Analytics on their own websites 🤢 Yes,I'm using Firefox but not only for privacy reasons (where it's far from perfect) but for great performance and not being built on Chromium.

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