Glad to see my latest post resonating with many members of the open source community.

If you missed it, take a look:

How to pay your rent with your open source project

@markosaric I only quickly scanned over the article, but, I didn't see any mention of actually charging for the software besides SaaS. I agree SaaS and paid hosting plans are probably the best choices for web apps, software, or online services. But a business model like Microsoft had with Windows isn't terrible.


@jordan31 true, i didn't include that one. focused on those i believe are most relevant and have best chances of helping projects become sustainable.

don't see many examples of that business model anymore. i guess most software these days is in the cloud and it is not sustainable to sell it with one off pricing model as it makes it difficult to sustain development in the long run

@markosaric Sadly, yes. But I can't see how sponsorships and donations are sustainable.

@jordan31 true, it's not easy. there are some projects that do well with sponsorships/donations and i listed a few. it's also one of the few ways to make money from self-hosted projects. for instance we now have the self-hosted Plausible analytics and asking for donation is probably the only way to fund that unless there's something i'm not thinking about...

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