"How to know if you're ready to switch from Mac to Linux"

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@markosaric Really nice one. I've been, I'm, on a similar place. Love the idea of Linux, have been experimenting with it for many years now (Manjaro fan over here), boot often into it on my Mac, but can't go all in. Most software is available on Linux, but still some of my most used ones are not, and can't let go of those. Most importantly: Adobe. I know of alternatives, but none is actually Adobe. If they made their apps available, I would easily, and happily, move full time.

@maique yeah it's more difficult if you prefer to use some of these proprietary products that have a walled garden approach. there are many open source alternatives so perhaps give them a chance remembering that they are not adobe and that you may need to be flexible and give them some time to learn their way of doing things

@markosaric I have, I’ve done the Darktable and GIMP (and GIMP forks), but they’re just not the same.. Unfortunately it’s not always a matter of preference, these I really need 😔

@markosaric As someone who uses both, I'd say: if you do video editing or music, stick with the Mac. Otherwise, switch to Linux.

@markosaric @mathew Great point you made about how you were "opensource curious" before you switched... this is very important. I'd also mention that there is definitely a type of user that can successfully make the change. Unfortunately, using my colleagues on macs as an example, they are not in the least curious about anything else and get frustrated, even on macs, with the slightest inconvenience. Basically, no ability or desire to figure things out.

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