Web Analytics, GDPR and is Google Analytics compliant?

New post in which I list all the steps you need to take to make Google Analytics GDPR compliant so you don't need to ask for visitor consent. There are many steps!

@Nachbarschaft yeah, i agree. this was a post answering question some people have around gdpr, analytics and GA itself so i had to research it


GA is used a lot... but people don´t think about what they are actually doing...

If your care about gdpr you should do so out of respect for privacy...

if your care about privacy you can´t use GA at all :-(

@Nachbarschaft i agree with you. see what i wrote here:

but to convince people i start from their current questions and concerns, answer those and slowly nudge them towards a better way. it is more effective than being very direct straight away.

this is a great article THANKS

Actually I search for more arguments... I´m looking for a good demonstration / show case which shows what google can do with all this GA data... do you know such demonstration / show case ? Can you give me a link?

@Nachbarschaft i'm not aware of any. could be a nice article to write!


it is a bit hard to imagen what googel can all do with the data in detail... that is part of the problem why it is hard to understand why we not should give this data away in the first place...

do you know any one / any people how can help us to imagen what this data can tell?

@Nachbarschaft i'm not sure right now. would need to do some research. someone who works for them most probably


do you rally know what your are doing when you use GA ?

Do you really want to tell google all about who visit and how your visiters read your pages?

Do you know wahat google does with all this infos?

better use matomo

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