"Help us deGoogle free and open source software"

Love this initiative! Friends don’t let friends use Google Analytics 👏😍

@markosaric any recommendations for what i should use instead of google analytics? i’ve been searching for an alternative but you seem to know more about this :)

@Spaceface16518 I'm working on one alternative myself: Plausible Analytics 😀

Modern dashboard, simple metrics to use/understand, open source, lightweight script of <1 KB, no cookies and doesn't collect personal data so no need for cookie/GDPR consent banner


Matomo is cited as an alternative in the text above. Also maybe ask yourself: what do you make of this analytics? Is it really useful? Is it worth invading your user's privacy?

@markosaric as someone who's had to implement some google functionalities into existing software, I can wholeheartedly agree that this is a very good initiative. Google makes TERRIBLE software. Let's break their monopoly stranglehold on foss.
@markosaric why why why advertize alternate evil trackers

Don't use Google Analytics. Just don't fucking track me at all.

@jellypotato pretty much every site or business wants to get some stats in order to understand what's going on so will be really difficult to say remove google analytics and replace it with nothing. it's already a very difficult task to convince people to remove GA and this would be pretty much impossible...

@r it is ironic but very common! i'm speaking to one of the biggest open source communities to see if they'd replace GA and perhaps i'm getting somewhere with them slowly but it is not that easy to convince them! GA is ingrained everywhere!

@markosaric maybe we should start deGoogling from the top down and dismantle #GSOC #SummerOfCode at this point it's frankly an unbearable bribe. I hate that so many high profile projects have a love relationship on steroids with Google #Debian #Fedora #LibreOffice

@markosaric That would include Google Summer Of Code, Chromium, node.js and all the FLOSS stuff Google does or did contribute to? Or the FSFE or GNOME Foundation that have Google as board member / important sponsor? Or Mozilla? How much of our "Libre" environment actually depends upon Google and its tracking money...? That's still a crucial issue to me.

@z428 good point! i'm not sure how much and how they contribute in general and if there are agreements in place for these sites to need to use their products

@markosaric Yes. I always wondered, in example, how significant Google contributions to GNOME are - and whether they could survive without. Not even talking about FSFE. Being devils advocate for a moment, one could imagine Google and other large companies using FLOSS to keep the market clear of proprietary, for-profit competitors. 😐

@markosaric Should be more a thing that projects should themselves do rather than external community. It should be part of the project itself, otherwise it's just going to be a change that either they don't accept or a change that will have to be done again (more and more distros are Github-dependant for example).

@lanodan yeah, ideally. at least the community can raise the awareness about this issue to start with and then it is up to the project

OCR Output (chars: 1968) 

Help us deGoogle FOSS (free and open source software)! (seit.privacy)
submitted 9 hours ago * by TheEvilskely 27 © G

One of the problems with FOSS (free and open source software) is a lot of them use some Google proprietary bits, some examples
being ProtonMail with reCAPTCHA and Linux Mint's website with Google Analytics. My friends and I started a hobby project and are
trying really hard to deGoogle a lot of those software, but we cannot do it alone because the vast majority of FOSS uses Google
Analytics, Google Fonts, Google reCAPTCHA and more. We also need people to help us convince maintainers to use open source
alternatives like Matomo instead of Google Analytics as they won't be convinced if only four people are asking for this change.

So here is how you can help! We have submitted tons of merge request and are waiting for answers (need to sign into GitHub in order
to view this), and you can do this too. If you do not know how to remove the Google junk from a source code, then you can simply open
issues and recommend them to use open source alternatives that will be mentioned here:

* Google Analytics => Matomo and more

® Google Fonts => System fonts. On top of that, this method will be helpful for people suffering from dyslexia. There is also Font
Library if you still want to use a custom font (Thank you u/GOKOP for the recommendation).

* Google reCAPTCHA => Honeypots and more

* Google Search Engine => DuckDuckGo, Searx (preferably Searx because it's 100% FOSS)

Once you open an issue or submit a merge request, please ask in subreddits for help to convince the maintainers to switch. We are a
community so we should all work together and support each other.

We appreciate a lot for helping us deGoogling FOSS. It is really difficult to do it in a team of 4, which is why we want to inspire people to
help FOSS become free of Google for the better.

EDIT: Thank you so much for whoever gave us a Silver Award!

@markosaric I'm totally in favor and support this initiative. I, too, think that having no analytics at all is better than having Google Analytics. In fact, I have no analytics on my own website.

However, we would be more effective in convincing people to give up GA if we could suggest a free (as in cost) SaaS analytics tool (with Matomo or otherwise). A lot of small projects can't afford their own hosted solution, that's why they use platforms like Github or that don't need payment.

@markosaric Just like there are free to use Mastodon, Matrix, Mumble, Jitsi, etc. servers, there might be free to use Matomo servers out there. We just have to find them, or try to get funding (e.g. crowdsourcing) to create one ourselves that is free to use for free and open source software projects. Then it'll be an easy win to recommend the service to people and switch them over from GA.

@herrmann yeah makes sense. analytics is difficult to self-host so most people prefer not to. i tried it on my own site and it made everything very slow.

we're trying to build something more lightweight with Plausible analytics and hopefully soon we will have an easy self-hosted version for those who want to self-host. see

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