I've been in touch with some agencies looking for a Google Analytics alternative for their clients so wrote a post on what makes Plausible Analytics a great web analytics tool for freelancers and agencies:

- No need for custom reports
- Simple to understand
- No need for client training
- Automated email reports
- Private, no account required dashboard

Here's more

@Marko Saric This looks very nice! I think I will try it out on one of my clients. I like the idea of simplifying the reports, and to collect as little as possible!

One thing though, you may want to set visibility: collapsed by default on the "why plausible?" menu/popup on the site. With javascript turned off it's blocking the text, and I have to collapse it myself in the browser developer tools.

@harald that sounds great Harald! let me know what you think!

and thanks for letting me know about the menu. will see to fix that!

@harald the menu item has been fixed now! thanks again!

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