People are realizing that their new "work from home" venture capitalist tools are not privacy friendly.

In my remote work guide, I've included ethical alternatives to Slack, Zoom etc. These are Matrix, Riot, Jitsi, Taiga, Basecamp.

I've used Jitsi Meet and Matrix/Riot extensively for video calls over the last few weeks and they are great alternatives 👇

@markosaric I've been doing excessive research into tons of these sorts of platforms. I'm curious, have you explored Zulip at all? I love Matrix/Riot but Zulip also provides an almost out-of-the-box Slack-like experience.

I'm curious you are recommending basecamp and calendly, which one can not self-host. Both companies are US-based - and are subject to CloudAct, which contradicts GDPR. Cakendly obviously dies not respect my privacy neither European Law: you need to opt-out fron cookies, tracking and third-party trackers, while the law clearly requires explicit consent.

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