This is nice! Brave browser 1.4 has added a 404 detection system with an automated Wayback Machine lookup process. So if you hit a "page not found" you may view the saved version instead.

There's a similar Firefox extension too:

@markosaric I actually used the extension for Firefox for a while and have to say, it wasn't really that great of an experience. I sometimes ended up on the way back machine without the page being down, I was just not logged in. (Thanks for webdevs using 404 instead of 403) and similar stuff. It sounds awesome but practically speaking from how I used it, I decided to uninstall it as it caused too many problems while being little useful.

@markosaric I think you get the most use of it for bookmarks and when you come back to them after months or years. But there again the way back machine is not perfectly reliable and I started to use wallabag instead. But of course maybe not everyone wants to go that route.

@dave @markosaric I'm still a little mixed on Brave. But I suspect out of the chrome-based browsers its the most privacy focused one.

I'm not sure about its crypto-currency... but at the same time, the idea behind it is to offer an alternative to advertising revenue so... it does make sense in a way.

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