"2016: Why I ditched WordPress for Medium"
"2020: I was completely wrong about this"

Creators are abandoning Medium while WordPress has improved a lot: beautiful themes, great workflow, fast loading, no distractions for visitors and customize it as you much as you want.


@markosaric Abadoning Medium is probably harsh. Agreed, this platform sucks big time but why abadon when you can #POSSE [Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere)] and make e.g. use of brid.gy?

So yeah, your plugin list is really short on de.wordpress.org/plugins/indie 😇

@bekopharm true, it's worth reposting your content to one of the big publications and see if you can get extra reach

@markosaric Oh that's a huge plus, yes and there is much more. I'm e.g. more concerned about keeping control because what shows up under _my_ domain I can control. What a silo like Medium does? Who knows. It may change or even die tomorrow for all we know. This way people have at least a chance to find the original.

The counter of platforms that vanished with my articles on it since 2000 is by five.

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