It was a stormy weekend so I took the opportunity to move to Arch Linux. Now I run the lightest, fastest and smoothest Gnome I've ever seen. And I can say I use Arch btw.

Here's how I switched from macOS to after 15 years of Apple

@markosaric Someone should create a distro based on Arch and call it "arch btw" and instantly get free advertisement all over the Linux community.

@markosaric nice article! But do you think Debian is a better option than Ubunto for a newcomer? I find it a bit more difficult to configurate and while stable, some apps may be less updated...

@marcelcosta i liked gnome i saw in debian and fedora more than gnome i saw in ubuntu so that was the main reason i preferred them. debian has a testing version if you prefer to have faster updates and that's what i used. fedora might be a better solution if you prefer newer packages as they do new release every six months.

@markosaric Ok! I am using ubuntu+gnome right now, although I have tested several distros and DE.

@marcelcosta if you like it then no reason to switch. you can pretty much get the vanilla gnome in ubuntu too, it's just not something i knew much about when i first switched to linux and was checking things out. according to the gnome site, you just install gnome-session package and log into it from the login screen

@markosaric I know 😊.
I was thinking in a newcomer, not myself.

@markosaric didn't know systemd-analyze. thanks for sharing!

@jartigag no worries. try also "systemd-analyze blame" to get a list of all the items loaded at startup

@markosaric haha! i found it!
6.091s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
thank you so much! :)

@markosaric ha my kernel is faster!

Startup finished in 1.314s (kernel) […]"

That said, I'd better don't say the other numbers 😇

(also thx for that tip, did not know that systemd tool before 😃)

@rugk you're welcome. see also "systemd-analyze blame"

@markosaric I'd forgotten about neofetch and you already did htop ;-)
I love all of those: top, iftop, htop, iptraf, iotop...

@markosaric the thing that’s holding me back on macOS is the damn hardware.... I have yet to see a laptop with the same build quality, the same perfect trackpad, perfect screen, awesome speakers (for a laptop). Macos is cool, but I need me a tiling window manager...

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