Chrome will block video ads that “people find to be particularly disruptive". Conveniently enough, YouTube ads are not so disruptive, so they most probably won't be touched.

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"

Use Firefox

@markosaric On Android: Use !
- No ads
- Free download
- Free backgroud player
- Speed up videos up to 5 times
... and much more.

Stopped working for me ("could not decrypt URL signature" on every video) on both Android devices.

@Hyolobrika @markosaric Are you sure you've got up-to-date versions? A couple of days ago, there was a change in the YouTube platform and NewPipe received a hotfix.
Here somw details:

Ah, there's a fix is there.
I thought I was up-to-date. My bad.

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