New study: The advertising industry is systematically breaking the law

Every time we use apps, hundreds of shadowy entities are receiving personal data about our interests, habits, and behaviour.

@markosaric Sadly, this is not surprising at all.

Last I heard there were a few GDPR-related lawsuits making their way through the legal system. I don't know of anywhere I can get the latest updates on it though.

@arjen @loke thanks for sharing! they need to step up the chase 😀

@markosaric They must be prosecuted! People are going to jail over a couple of joints and these scumbags are getting off free.

@markosaric Not that I like the study but I do like the information being made available.

@markosaric yes I know. That's why I wrote a DNS-over-TLS server that blocks this shit. At this point I forgot mobile ads are a thing.

My findings: contains an ungodly amount of advertising SDKs. It took me several attempts of adding rules to block them all. It's really a shame mobile ad blocking isn't mainstream.

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