Google plans to block third-party cookies in Chrome within two years. "By default, a website will not be able to ID you or track you across multiple visits".

This is big news but gives a long time for all the tracking companies to perfect other methods.


Indeed. They must already know the next move to be saying this. :(


@jamesmullarkey yeah, them and facebook don't really rely on third-parties. this will hurt the ad-tech businesses and websites/publishers who rely on third-party ads/targeting. still google's revenue on third-party site ads was $6.4bn in Q3 of 2019 out of the $40.5bn in total revenue so it could be felt a bit there too


Wouldn't analytics be 3rd party and doesn't YouTube embeds come bundled with about 5-6 trackers?

@jamesmullarkey i think so but i seriously doubt they'll negatively impact youtube earnings which are huge for them. it remains to be seen...

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