Google plans to block third-party cookies in Chrome within two years. "By default, a website will not be able to ID you or track you across multiple visits".

This is big news but gives a long time for all the tracking companies to perfect other methods.

@markosaric their own methods are probably working fine enough already, especially since a lot of people just open everything through #google search results (remember how they tried to / are trying to kill the URL bar?) or use #chrome, so this will probably hurt other advertisers more than it hurts them.


@grainloom google's revenue on third-party site ads was $6.4bn in Q3 of 2019 but it won't hurt them or facebook as much as it will hurt the ad-tech businesses and websites/publishers who rely on third-party ads/targeting.

@grainloom if the amp is on google's domain then it is first-party

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