Firefox 72 is out today with great updates:

1⃣ Blocks fingerprinting tracking by default
2⃣ Hides annoying notification requests by default
3⃣ Introduces picture-in-picture video

If you haven't switched yet, here's what you're missing out on

"Following in Mozilla's footsteps, Google announced today plans to hide notification popup prompts inside Chrome starting next month"

I love how Google follows Firefox with these "better web experience" features but only if they don't impact their business model.

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@markosaric yeah I absolutely love the new Firefox, I changed the userChrome.css file to look like chrome browser. 😜

@markosaric i think i swapped when the quantum update came out. Finally Firefox was competitive again and i could ditch Chromium. Not that Chromium or it's derivatives like Bromite are bad, it's just.. I'd rather support Mozilla tbh.

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