If your New Year's Resolution is to de-Google-ify your life a bit, here are some alternatives I use:

Browser: Firefox
Search engine: DuckDuckGo
Email: ProtonMail
Maps: OpenStreetMap
Chat: Telegram
News: Feedly

Speaking of getting rid of Google, I love this move by Basecamp:

"We’re dropping the last third-party tracking pixel. When you visit our page, you only have to trust that we won’t abuse that data – not a laundry list of third parties"

@roytang i don't know any convenient alternative for the average user. many like nextcloud but it's probably not something the average person wants to install and deal with, other alternative is microsoft office but that has its own problems. libreoffice is great but it's offline. any others?

@markosaric @roytang
For the "average" user who doesn't have complex needs I can thoroughly recommend CryptPad. I use it myself, and have suggested it to others. All good reports, so far.

@markosaric @roytang You don't have to selfhost Nextcloud. Just choose a provider you trust.


Browser: Firefox
Search: /
Email client: Evolution / Thunderbird
Chat: Conversations / Dino
Cloud: Nextcloud on
YouTube: PeerTube
Office on line: EtherCalc / Etherpad

@fede thanks for sharing! i'll have to explore EtherCalc / Etherpad


OnlyOffice is also a good alternative if you're looking for online document edition

It's community driven project focused on users' privacy and free/libre and open source software.
I've been using Disroot on daily basis since more than three years.


@markosaric What do you use for discovering places when travelling? It seems whenever I'm abroad I have to reinstall google maps to find anything I might want to visit

@chris tripadvisor is not bad for places/restaurants. it is almost as good as google maps. foursquare is good for north america and some big cities mostly. i don't think a non-surveillance capitalism alternative exists yet but do hope that openstreetmap could become it in the future

@markosaric Ooh. Hadn't thought of Tripadvisor and, frankly, forgot about 4square. I'll have to take a look. Thanks

@markosaric @chris

Wikitravel was biggish in early 2000s but I guess it didn't properly break through.

@jamesmullarkey @chris true, i liked reading their city guides but in most cases they are now outdated

@jamesmullarkey @chris @markosaric didn't most of the wikitravel community move over to wikivoyage when they weren't happy with the wikitravel host / owner?

For many places I've found the latter to be quite useful.


Browser: Firefox
Search engine: DuckDuckGo
Email: @Tutanota
Maps: OpenStreetMap
News: RSS (controlled by me no algos)
Fonts: self hosted
Analytics: Matomo or none
Phone: #Librem5 coming

Boycott Google! More here:

@jamesmullarkey @markosaric @Tutanota Have you tried goaccess ( for basic analytics? It's been great for me. Last real item I'm stuck on then is Google Fi

@jamesmullarkey @markosaric @Tutanota I've been using it about 2 months. It isn't the most detailed but what it does have is super accurate as it isn't using JS


Browser: compartmentalised Firefox (personal, Palemoon (social media), Waterfox (work).
Search engine: DuckDuckGo
Email: Posteo + Mutt client, sup-mail client, protonmail, mailfence
Maps: OpenStreetMap
News: QuiteRSS + OPML list
Chat: Freenode IRC + Hexchat
Video: + peertube
Text Organisation (instead of Evernote): Emacs + org-mode
Sync: Syncthing
Cloud drive: (1Gb free nextcloud)

@jesse_m @markosaric Big fan of the service, 1 euro a month and they provide a very privacy orientated ethical place to be.

Have been with them a couple of years now and have persuaded most of my immediate family to adopt them over the evil big G.

Browser: Firefox
Search engine: Duckduckgo
Email: disroot and protonmail
Chat: Telegram and XMPP + OMEMO
Mobile OS: #sailfishos

@mcread @markosaric I would say the main benefit is you can use it parallel on lots of devices with everything getting perfectly synced between them. And it has bots and channels which are nice and helpful marketing tools.

@codiflow @mcread also in my experience, non-tech people are also more likely to stick with telegram than signal for whatever reason

@markosaric @mcread I think its much more conveniant than Signal. And thats not only because of the stickers :-)

@codiflow @markosaric

but but. ... what about the privacy ? Not to mention that the business model of Telegram is less than clear ...

@mcread @markosaric I don't know if theres more privacy with Amazon servers and a company located in the US... :mastomonocle:

In my opinion the future business model of Telegram is more than clear: Create their own cryptocurrency and regain money from the transactions. They have been very far with this but I think they are stuck with financial regulations. Same problem FB has / had.

@mcread @markosaric As far as I know they claimed this to be the thing for financing Telegram in the future. Maybe I can look for the article which stated this.

@mcread @markosaric Yes and so far Pavel Durov finances everything from the money he got after leaving Here they say something about 1.7 billion dollars (its a German article):

@codiflow @markosaric I know , hilarious what exaggerated amounts of money can produce .. I tend to have more trust in Moxie than in Pavel ..

@mcread @markosaric I think the best would be there would be no need to trust anyone...

@mcread @markosaric Now we all know - Telegram won't engage in cryptocurrency anymore as a US court stopped them... Really sad :-/

@markosaric I would definitely also recommend
- as a search engine and
- 's tools for doodles, collaborative documents and more
- and of course Signal for messaging

@markosaric My first thought of messenger was Riot (or I guess Element now) instead of Telegram, as at least it is entirely open source.

@markosaric Chrome won't allow Duckduckgo to be added to the list of default search engines. Only to the list of Other Search Engines.

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