Firefox 71 is out now with improvements to the integrated password manager and the enhanced tracking protection.

Try it for a faster, calmer and distraction-free internet experience

Interesting that the Firefox VPN now uses WireGuard servers provided by Mullvad. It was OpenVPN provided by ProtonVPN at the start of the project if I remember correctly. US only for now but coming to other regions in early 2020.

@markosaric Anyone have experience with Mullivad and Wireguard? That's what Firefox VPN uses, but if I can skip the middleman.... It also offers more connections than ProtonVPN for the same(ish) price.

@ndegruchy I use ProtonVPN but considering to give Mullvad a try in a few months when my subscription expires

@markosaric Wonder what made them change. I use ProtonVPN myself.

@msmith maybe something to do with WireGuard? ProtonVPN doesn't support it yet

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