How to de-Google-ify your life:

Chrome browser -> Firefox
Google search -> DuckDuckGo
Gmail -> ProtonMail
Google Maps -> OpenStreetMap
Google Translate -> DeepL
Google Hangouts -> Telegram
Google News -> Feedly

Details πŸ‘‡

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@unicornfarts you're welcome! i would even say it's better than google translate. they even have an offline app.

Telegram vulnerabilities, messenger meta, russia & eugenics mention 

@markosaric Telegram's encryption model is horribly broken.

Please use Signal instead to avoid helping Russia hunt and kill gays.

i wish i were joking.

@markosaric DeepL has a really small set of languages it seems. Doesn't really compare to Google translate

@markosaric @drwho feedly uses google analytics (on their 2011 blog post)

@markosaric how does feedly replace Google news? It's an RSS reader?

@wolfie many people use google news/discover and facebook newsfeed to get their news. an rss reader such as feedly allows you to subscribe to any site/source that you want and could be a better source for news

@markosaric yeah, I don't want to have every story from a news site cluttering my rss feeds up though, but that doesn't mean it's not useful to make that option known in general as people just don't seem to use rss anymore

@markosaric ok so the article says to stop getting news from Facebook and use feedly to subscribe to news sites, but that's really not how I use feedly πŸ˜„

@markosaric Some more open suggestions:

Chrome -> Firefox
Search -> Searx, YaCy
Gmail -> self hosted (Mail-in-a-Box)
Maps -> OpenStreetMap
Translate -> OpenNMT, Apertium, Moses
Hangouts -> Matrix, Jami, Jitsi, Tox, Retroshare, Signal, Ricochet, Mattermost
Google News -> Liferea


In addition to firefox there's (also from mozilla) #Brave

it's built on chromium, but is attempting to have good privacy tools - ad/tracker/script blocker, but also you can apparently easily access Tor with it

@markosaric solid list. I personally encourage people to move to Riot over Telegram, and while I use Feedly myself, only with plugins that blog it’s ability to report everything back to Google. The site has 5 trackers on it.

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