Fewer than 3% of Firefox users have enabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Most people don't change defaults but it's such a quick switch for a big speed boost, a much less intrusive and much less distracting web. Here's how

@markosaric I'm using uMatrix already, haven't looked into this tracking protection yet, does it anything that I'm not getting by using uMatrix?

@conatus no, it's just a more hands off experience. you switch it on and it just works without breaking anything. but it doesn't block javascript, it doesn't block some first party ads that have no trackers etc that umatrix can do

@markosaric Okay good to know, I've converted some family members to Firefox so I guess I'll tell them to turn this on.

Seens like it should be a default though.

@markosaric Tbh, if #Firefox actually gave a crap about protecting people's privacy, they would make that feature a default. Glad it exists though.

@revkellyn i think it's on by default since the last version but i guess that doesn't affect people who've downloaded it before that

@markosaric I just upped mine and seems good so far! That's for the reminder. (I have a combo of PrivacyBadger and DisconnectMe running too)

@markosaric That is a bit of a surprise tbh. I thought it would be much higher.

@markosaric why not install an adblocker, making this irrelevant?

@mewmew @markosaric I just did it at the network level for whole home niceness

@markosaric what's the difference if I'm already using uBlock Origin? :blobcatthinking2:

@polychrome not much really. ublock origin more advanced and can block stuff this doesn't but this is more newbie friendly option

@markosaric @polychrome what do "fingerprinters" do? is it just for literal fingerprinting stuff on some phones or is it about checking the particulars of the browsing machine?

@carcinopithecus @polychrome i believe it's a way to track you using your computer/browser details such as fonts installed etc. can see more than 60 fingerprinting attempts have been blocked by firefox for me in couple of weeks

@markosaric might want to rethink the startpage recommendation; they got bought by some ad company.

@markosaric @ThePianomanJu more than 80% of Firefox users do not know what Tracking is...

So why should they disable it?

@schenklklopfer @ThePianomanJu side effect of blocking trackers is no ads either so a much faster and much less distracted experience

@a let me know how it works for you 👍

this is what mine says now: 13,739 trackers blocked since November 7, 2019

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