My switch from macOS to Linux

Why did I switch, what I like about @gnome and a guide on how you can try Linux too

@markosaric @gnome Awesome!
I just flew over your Blog entry.
Regarding "Flatpak for proprietary apps":
I'm not sure if you know that (no offense :) ) but Debian repos also allow you to install non-free packages.


@Ghosty @gnome thanks! i have non-free on as without it i didn't even have wifi but i don't think apps such as spotify or slack are there. i cannot find them. or am i doing it wrong?

@markosaric @gnome
I myself don't use Debian.
It works:

BUT you're properly better of using Flatpaks with those packages on Debian.

That's what made me do the switch from Debian to Arch Linux (besides curiosity :D).
Arch Linux has the ArchUserRepository (short AUR).

It's a repo where users can upload custom packages that aren't in the main repo.
But I don't consider Arch Linux better. It's just different :).


@Ghosty @gnome thanks! yeah, i've spent some time on Arch too, it's just difficult to install it while it's not the same experience on some of the Arch-based distros. this makes it my second favorite after debian but not something to recommend to newbies coming from mac really 🙂

@markosaric @gnome Absolutely! From a Debian perspective it's probably better to use things like Flatpak.
Most other methods instruct you to add PPAs/extra repos to the .source file. That's bad practice in my opinion as you can easily get some weird issues/conflicts when adding to much repos.

@Ghosty @gnome yeah, i experienced that so now i prefer flatpaks for things not on debian but still keep them to a minimum.

@markosaric @gnome BTW. Does your blog have RSS? I'd add it to my list :).

@Ghosty @gnome yeah, all the wordpress blogs have rss inbuilt. just put /feed/ after the domain so

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