My switch from macOS to Linux

Why did I switch, what I like about @gnome and a guide on how you can try Linux too

@null0x0 @gnome i don't have an opinion on it really as i haven't used it.

@DonMcCollough @null0x0 @gnome yeah i mention that one in my post too. still i think gnome may be a better place to start for mac users. they can explore more after that if not completely happy

It was a really good article. Have you themed your Gnome to be a bit more like MacOS(dash to dock at the bottom, GTK theme, icons, etc) or do you run the vanilla Adwaita theme?
@null0x0 @gnome

@DonMcCollough @null0x0 @gnome thanks! i just switched to adwaita-dark from the tweaks tool as i prefer dark theme. nothing else. happy with the way gnome looks/works so don't really need to make it look/work like something else. i'm hoping to see an option to autohide the top panel when not in use in future updates though as i had that switched on when on macos

@markosaric @gnome Awesome!
I just flew over your Blog entry.
Regarding "Flatpak for proprietary apps":
I'm not sure if you know that (no offense :) ) but Debian repos also allow you to install non-free packages.


@Ghosty @gnome thanks! i have non-free on as without it i didn't even have wifi but i don't think apps such as spotify or slack are there. i cannot find them. or am i doing it wrong?

@markosaric @gnome
I myself don't use Debian.
It works:

BUT you're properly better of using Flatpaks with those packages on Debian.

That's what made me do the switch from Debian to Arch Linux (besides curiosity :D).
Arch Linux has the ArchUserRepository (short AUR).

It's a repo where users can upload custom packages that aren't in the main repo.
But I don't consider Arch Linux better. It's just different :).

@Ghosty @gnome thanks! yeah, i've spent some time on Arch too, it's just difficult to install it while it's not the same experience on some of the Arch-based distros. this makes it my second favorite after debian but not something to recommend to newbies coming from mac really 🙂

@markosaric @gnome Absolutely! From a Debian perspective it's probably better to use things like Flatpak.
Most other methods instruct you to add PPAs/extra repos to the .source file. That's bad practice in my opinion as you can easily get some weird issues/conflicts when adding to much repos.

@Ghosty @gnome yeah, i experienced that so now i prefer flatpaks for things not on debian but still keep them to a minimum.

@markosaric @gnome BTW. Does your blog have RSS? I'd add it to my list :).

@Ghosty @gnome yeah, all the wordpress blogs have rss inbuilt. just put /feed/ after the domain so

@markosaric @gnome For those who want to move to Gnome3 but prefer it laid out more like Gnome2 or Cinnamon with a single top or bottom panel, here's a list of a few extensions you can add:

@markosaric @gnome neat writeup, this is what I was looking for when I first entered the universe of Linux! Thank you for sharing :owi:

@tomris @gnome thanks for the nice words! my intention was to make it something useful for someone just entering the Linux universe.

@markosaric @gnome The Linux machines I have worked with at the university tended to be able to play only few videos and no animated gifs. I am thinking of buying a laptop with Linux, but then multimedia should work. Is this just a matter of installing the right software or are there problems with Linus not having (paid) licenses or software to play videos?

@VictorVenema @gnome VLC is what I used on Mac to play multimedia and same app exists for Linux too. Firefox also. I haven't encountered any problems and it would be impossible to use Linux for me if it couldn't play media. Do run it on a USB to test your hardware though to make sure it all works or simply buy a Linux ready laptop

@markosaric I have VLC for Windows. If you do not have any problems, then it is probably just a matter of the right software not being installed on the university computers. Think I will give a try.


@markosaric @gnome Great read, I will be curious to see how your journey goes. Carry on and feel free to ask about the things that make no sense (and there are plenty of them).

@alatiera @gnome thanks very much! one thing on my Gnome wishlist is ability to autohide the top panel when not in use kind of like macOS does. it would make Gnome get out of the way even more. there's an extension but it doesn't work well always.

@markosaric @gnome Not that I am aware of, but almost every app has a fullscreen behavior with f11.

@markosaric @gnome i tried multiple times, in fact i tried again yesterday. 😂 But i can't get satisfied with anything else then yet! 🤷‍♂️

@cld_tech @gnome that's the beauty of linux! you can use whatever fits you best and not stay stuck with only one option!

@markosaric Bet you’re feeling pretty amazing right now haha. The best of OS.

@markosaric any apps that you had grown accustomed to that you're missing right now?

@meno yes! i'm missing an easy way in Gnome to take 20 seconds breaks every 20 minutes to rest my eyes. the 20-20-20 rule.

i also miss a built-in dictionary so i can highlight any word in any app and get a quick definition of the word.

and last but not least i miss a wayland-option for a text expander & spell checker that automatically fixes my typos rather than me manually having to click to fix

@markosaric Ok. These don't sound like big problems :)
The main issue I have with Linux is the lack of programs like Ableton Live, Affinity Designer/Photo, etc...

@meno ah yeah those are down to the companies creating them. i've switched to open source alternatives for any software that doesn't want to support Linux

@markosaric absolutely! I'd say that it depends on the field that you're working in and the people you're working with whether it's realistic to switch softwares like that.
At least blender has linux support!

@meno true. perhaps it was easier for me as i didn't rely on any software that doesn't support linux for work. i'm mostly spending my time in the browser.

my suggestion is as someone interested in linux you can try and present alternatives and talk to people about those choices. some people are more understanding than others and as long as you can deliver good results it shouldn't matter how you do it

@markosaric > This means that the most important choice you have at the start of your Linux journey is to determine the desktop environment you want to try rather than what distros to run.

Writing it like it is. :) Great post!

@markosaric @gnome
dont forget costales folder-color, you can give each of your folder a color again!
that was one of the main reasons i switched a few years ago ;)

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