Updated my "how to use WordPress" guide for WordPress 5.3. Includes intro to the Gutenberg editor, Twenty Twenty default theme and my minimal and distraction-free writing setup. Take a look

@markosaric Step one...Disable Gutenburg! As a web developer who has spent the last ten years on WP development, I am jumping ship back to Joomla because of messed up that editor is!

@switchedtolinux ahh i'm sorry to hear.

i really like gutenberg myself. so much easier to create content with it. tables, buttons, colors, image/text alignments...

it's easy to remove it by the way. there's an official plugin that adds the old editor

@markosaric 1.) It is far harder to create content actually, based on reports from thousands of web administrators, 2.) It often fails to save, which you may not see if you only manage a single site, but I have seen it myself, and 3.) The ability to circumvent it will be removed in future releases...It would be way better as a standalone program for those who want it, but the reviews speak for itself and the devs are not listening to their users.

@markosaric I’m considering going back to Wordpress after having lots of issues with lesser known CMS’.


Wait, wasn't your journey Wordpress -> Ghost -> Hugo(?) -> grav -> Ghost (-> Wordpress?)


@sheogorath my journey never ends. It’s seems I’m never happy and the grass is always greener.


@sheogorath also, I ended up reverting the ghost migration, so I’m still on Grav. I’m reluctant to leave grav as I’m REALLY happy with the theme I made. I dunno...



I'm so happy that I just go with jekyll and my CI pipeline :D It keeps things really easy for everyone :D


@pioneer what do you mean by that? pulling in all the comments from around the web into the wordpress posts or?

@markosaric I mean - did you have experience using this plugin Seems #Pterotype is outdated, so this is the only one to enable #ActivityPub.

@pioneer haven't tried it but i'd like to find a way to pull all the comments about my posts from around the web placed below my posts. not many comment directly anymore so i've removed that but something to show some life would be good

@pioneer would be great to include as many sources as possible really where people talk and share the link. all the typical social names. mastodon, twitter, linkedin, facebook, even community sites would be great. not sure how much of this is possible but could be great with a system like that to revive the blog comments section.

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