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How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer

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Updated my "how to use WordPress" guide for WordPress 5.3. Includes intro to the Gutenberg editor, Twenty Twenty default theme and my minimal and distraction-free writing setup. Take a look

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Fewer than 3% of Firefox users have enabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Most people don't change defaults but it's such a quick switch for a big speed boost, a much less intrusive and much less distracting web. Here's how

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My switch from macOS to Linux

Why did I switch, what I like about @gnome and a guide on how you can try Linux too

How to foolproof your content ideas:

Step 1. Reply with your thoughts on popular threads on Twitter, Reddit, HackerNews or whatever community is relevant to you.

Step 2. Create full-blown articles on the topics you get the most upvotes for.

Step 3. ????

Step 4. PROFIT!!

Firefox Preview 3.0 for Android is in the Play store now. Check it out for a built-in adblocker, ability to block distractions and a reader view for clutter-free reading

"Killing links is a strategy, designed to keep people from the open web. The web is where we can make sites that don’t abuse data in the ways that Facebook properties do. Links take us to places where we can make choices that Instagram never would."

It saddens me to see developers spend months obsessing over code building their products, but when it's time to launch they go to Fiverr and hire someone to "SEO it".

Then they complain they cannot get visitors and customers.

Obsess a bit more over marketing too.

My only wish for the developers of Twenty Twenty theme is to add an option in "Customize" to change the default font to system fonts. As it is out of the box, Inter font takes 218.6 KB out of the 266KB that the whole page weights.

Several commented how fast my site loads. They get surprised it's on WordPress.

WordPress is speedy out of the box with the default Twenty Twenty theme and no optimization at all (see the image).

It's the themes people use, scripts and plugins they add that can make it slow.


Just got the first link buying proposal since removing my contact form.

The spammers have started to read! 😲

It's still a success as the number of irrelevant proposals has been reduced and the number of real emails has increased.

"TikTok’s Biggest Hits of the Year — and Its Predictions for 2020. TikTok says it’s ready to help its stars get rich"

Let's see what happens next year as TikTok matures and starts to commercialize the platform and its users.

"9% of Safari users allow outside companies to track where they go on the web. 79% of people who use Google’s Chrome allow advertisers to track their browsing habits"

Not on Safari? Use Firefox on desktop/mobile for same result

"Are You One Of Avast’s 400 Million Users? This Is Why It Collects And Sells Your Web Habits"

So how long before Chrome bans this extension too? And what data will SEO tools use for their insights if that happens?

"One small way to get our independence and agency back from exploitative platforms is to build personal websites to share on instead. It’s a step to taking back control, and building a web that neither relies upon, nor feeds, the harms of Big Tech."

Great post by @laura

Google's algorithm may prioritize AMP pages for Google Discover but you can still have a fast site and get traffic from Google Discover without AMP.

74,000+ visitors in 4 days! 🤯

Third-party scripts slow the web. Google owns 7 of 10 most popular third-party calls.

They understand the value of a fast web but they cannot go after the main cause. This is how AMP gets invented and makes things worse.

People are certainly passionate about this topic. More than 35,000 read the post in the first 9 hours. Thanks to Hacker News, Reddit, Digg, Twitter... even Google Discover started recommending it. Credit to Google's algorithms for not being shy about this 😃

Just started getting traffic from Digg and turns out my article has been featured on the front page there too. Thank you! 👏

More than 11,000 visitors on my new post until now. Green server so far so good.

And this is a good, short summary of what you can do. Firefox and DuckDuckGo is a painless switch that you'll be happy you've made.

My Google AMP post is on the top of Hacker News. Hoping that my green energy server holds again! 🤞

How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer

Great post on the SaaS journey: launching, getting customers, selling.

"We had the realization that we would need a more sustainable method of getting people to the site than from posting it to other websites; the traffic just dies off after a few days"

Firefox Preview for Android:

1⃣ Built-in adblocker
2⃣ Autoplay and other distractions can be blocked
3⃣ Clutter-free reading with Reader View
4⃣ Remove data at quit or open in private mode
5⃣ Dark mode
6⃣ Toolbar at the bottom of the screen

Learn more 👇

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