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"Google no longer providing original URL in AMP for image search results"

Time to share this one again before it's too late:

How to fight back against Google AMP

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If your New Year's Resolution is to de-Google-ify your life a bit, here are some alternatives I use:

Browser: Firefox
Search engine: DuckDuckGo
Email: ProtonMail
Maps: OpenStreetMap
Chat: Telegram
News: Feedly

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Updated my "how to use WordPress" guide for WordPress 5.3. Includes intro to the Gutenberg editor, Twenty Twenty default theme and my minimal and distraction-free writing setup. Take a look

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Fewer than 3% of Firefox users have enabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Most people don't change defaults but it's such a quick switch for a big speed boost, a much less intrusive and much less distracting web. Here's how

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My switch from macOS to Linux

Why did I switch, what I like about @gnome and a guide on how you can try Linux too

Plausible Analytics is now on Mastodon! Follow @plausible, a simple, lightweight (679 B), open source and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative.

Thanks @celia for the "push" I needed to start this up :)

You asked for it so here it is: Realtime view on your Plausible dashboard has just been launched 🎉

Check out what's happening on your site right now. All numbers constantly updated. No reload needed.

Here's the realtime view of our own site

Thanks, @yarmo for another open source web analytics evaluation. Big differences between server logs and Javascript-based analytics.

A month ago, I promised a comparison between and + server logs.

It's finally here [0] but much shorter than anticipated simply because @markosaric already made a great post [1] with nearly identical results and with excellent explanations.

Maybe just read his instead 😎

Thanks again to @AlexMV12 for providing the bash script to use goaccess with caddy logs.


How many people block Google Analytics?

65% DuckDuckGo users
57% Firefox users
53% on Linux
21% on laptop/desktop
19% on Windows
18% on macOS
14% on Chrome
10% on Android
9% Google search users
8% on mobile/tablet
6% Bing users
6% on iOS
5% on Safari

A day in the life of a startup...

"Wanted to quickly reach out and see if you'd be interested in raising funds or taking investment"


"Any interest in talking about an exit?"


Traffic coming in! I hope my green energy server holds this load :)

You can follow the live stats here

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I've shared this on Hacker News too. Let's see if it gets picked up

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New study: 13% of my site visitors block Google Analytics

Includes data on how many block Google Analytics on different devices, browsers, operating systems and even how many users of different search engines block it. Can you guess who blocks the most?

When your latest blog post does very well and your Monday morning Plausible Analytics report shows lots of green 👀

"The experience of switching away from Google Analytics to Plausible was painless and I’m really happy with how it turned out so far"

Been really impressed with Plausible Analytics over the last few weeks, so I’ve now upgraded my account.

If you’re interested, head over to or ping @markosaric

"Facebook-ios-sdk: App suddenly crashing on startup in production"

Facebook spyware strikes again and crashes many apps including Spotify and Waze that send their user data to Facebook.

Another site opens the stats! Check out @elementary stats. Extensive use of goal conversions too.

"The fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS" now has fast, open and privacy-respecting public stats too! 👏

"Google drops Blogspot India domain breaking hundreds of thousands of links"

What a mess!


1. Move away from Blogspot. It's not getting any love

2. Own your domain name even if you post on someone else's platform (so you can switch if necessary)

Nice to see my post featured on Slashdot!

I've been following for years and this is the first time my post is featured 🥰

And they do a better-than-average implementation of the GDPR banner even respecting the user choice 👏 (standards are low 🤷‍♂️)

Traffic still going strong. It's been exciting to read all the feedback and comments about both Plausible Analytics and my GDPR post throughout the day. Thanks for your support!

Now time to take a break for a dinner, drink and movie.

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