@killyourfm Yeah me too. I was really happy when they recorded two episodes together in 2017 and 2018, that was a nostalgia trip. In case you didn't know about those:
1) kevinrose.com/post/alex-albrec
2) kevinrose.com/post/alex-albrec

@killyourfm I'm listening to the Ep. 7 right now and I didn't expect you guys to mention one of my favourite shows from back in the day - Diggnation (with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht). I loved that show! I started using Linux at that time (around 2006) and I got interested in tech. Good times…

@popey Ctrl+Shift+A works in my Xfce Terminal, not sure if that's what you need.

@PINE64 Looks pretty slick and professional. All of them have the UK keyboard layout?

@crydotsnake@linuxrocks.online Xubuntu :xubuntu: 19.04 on my main machine and 18.04 on my laptop. I'm a big fan of Xfce, and Ubuntu base gives my what I need, so stability, ease of use and software availibility.

@Logain @killyourfm @dasgeek Yeah, that was a really good episode. As a casual gamer, I've enjoyed it a lot too. And that ending song (Lorenzo's Music) was cool.

Linux rant 

@scott Interesting, what's your graphics card if I may ask?

@lexservxyz I agree, fosstodon.org, linuxrocks.online, mastodon.technology (and more) are filled with awesome people. I'm not a social person at all, but I really enjoy reading some conversations, news and opinions on Mastodon.

@ernmander Yeah, I never liked Fedora installer, but it always worked, so it does its job I guess. But other distros have better (more user-friendly) installers IMHO.

@dwc Did you try with all extensions disabled? Or maybe it's because of the built-in content blocking.

@randynose Thanks for the link to the article. I still play Doom (Ultimate) and Doom II: Hell on Earth using Lutris and ZDoom runner, those are one of my favorite games of all time and I still enjoy them. The only thing I change comparing to the originals is enabling mouse-look + movement on WASD, so it feels even better. I don't use any graphic mods.

@killyourfm That's awesome, I really liked your enthusiasm and opinions on Choose Linux, so I'm glad that you've started your own thing. I just finished listening to episodes #0 and #1, so you gained another listener.

@Twelve It's always fun to put a fresh Linux install on a laptop. You have many interesting options, for example Solus, Pop!_OS, Endeavour OS, openSUSE... Depends on the laptop specs too. I personally use Xubuntu on my machines. Have fun :)


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