A really informative post by Chris on using optics in a similar manner to jq


Nix package manager landed in the FreeBSD ports! The package should be available shortly on the "latest" branch.

#Nix #Nixos #Freebsd

@aeveltstra From personal experience, and after having compared it with other material for beginners, I can tell (and this has been my stance for years) that this book is unfit for beginners. A much better book that does a much better job is this one:

e Foundation has received a financial grant from SIDN Fund
to support the development of an integrated privacy center for #Android and improve PWA support in /e/OS.
Find out more here:
Read in Dutch here:
#privacy #opensource #yourdataisYOURdata

I've just released #emacs #orgmode 9.3.8, a bugfix release.


Org 9.4 will be released soon, stay tuned.

**Trump’s Real Record on Unemployment in Two Graphs**

"Donald Trump and his supporters routinely boast about his great success in reducing the unemployment rate. While the unemployment rate did fall to low levels under Trump, this was just a continuation of the downward trend that had been in place under Obama since 2010. Here’s the picture with the overall unemploy…"

#news #bot

Editing xmonad.hs under NixOS with GHCi and Emacs haskell-mode? Trusted nix-shell to the rescue!

(see dotfiles link to GitHub repository with my config).

And there's of course Obelisk: Functional reactive web and mobile applications, with batteries included.

IHP: Integrated Haskell Platform, a batteries-included web framework built on purely functional programming technologies

Please stop with the auto playing videos that cover part of the screen on mobile, when I'm trying to read an article on your news site. I'm trying to ignore the video, it seems irrelevant. Just let me read the article I was linked to. This is total disrespect for your users.

Orgzly (Memo für Notizen und Aufgaben in plain-text) -
In Kombination mit
Syncthing (Offene, vertrauenswürdige und dezentrale Dateisynchronisation) -
für Notizen/ToDos.
Wenn man #emacs #orgmode auf dem Rechner noch nutzt, dann ist es perfekt.

#syncthing kann man auch gut für Photo Upload auf eigenes NAS nutzen.

Is there a Clojure that targets Python as an execution platform?

Linux not Windows: Why Munich is shifting back from Microsoft to open source – again via @ZDNet & @CathrinSchaer #oss #Linux #Munich

I saw Janet doing the rounds on the internets in the past 24 hours.

I came across it several weeks ago, and it looks interesting, especially with the ability to embed it easily (a la Lua).

But for personal projects, I like that there's the Joy web framework and bindings to SQLite available. I've had the idea of running a dead-simple minimal wiki for my personal knowledge-base, and the idea of building my own with something like Janet sounds fun.


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