is there an ActivityPub based film reviews platform? think: federated letterboxd

there's a few clones of goodreads like but forking that into movies based platform might not be trivial..


@maricn a federated #foss IMDB, hell yeah!

And with a kind of rating system that is not manipulated through the roof (or no rating system at all).

(Hint: On imdb always look at the distribution of User Reviews. If they consist of mostly 1's and 10's the movie is 100% certain to be absolute Hollywood crap, and waste-of-life when watching.. unless you are fan of "Nacht van de Wansmaak")


@humanetech i moved from imdb to letterboxd couple of years ago to get more community touch.. never got much into rottentomatoes or other platforms..

out of all, i think letterboxd has this social network feel the most, esp w/ the reviews that can be commented on and liked, people followed.. w/ ActivityPub, i can imagine full-on threads, relating media content, federated private/public film clubs, etc..

i don't have time to start it from scratch now, but would deffo contribute to such project

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