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@Bloodaxe they are different in most aspects. Different kernels, defaults, filesystems, preinstalled apps and services...

Openbsd is generally speaking, by default more secure, slower, polished and ready to use from start.

Freebsd has better performance, it has modern filesystem (ZFS) and it is does not install to ready to use graphical desktop.

@hund I have been using rss2html until I made my small client/server solution, because I have commuted and travelled a lot in the past. I needed mobile client synced with desktop.

@sotolf @hund because python is core part of gentoo (and most other linux distros) so he already has it. And in case of dart/flutter, he will need only apk file. The code is only if he would like to read it or build the apk manually.

@hund @sotolf I have my own solution. It is brutaly minimalistic, but it has TUI client (single python file), mobile client (2 dart files. Using flutter) and server (single python file server and single python file crawler). If you want I can share it with you. You can be my test pilot :) It may finally force me to polish it a bit.

@mdrights security by default is not about pledge & unveil only. It is about default file system structure, OS architecture decisions, randomization, and configs that are turned on by default.

BTW, pledge/unveil are patched to many 3rd party software by openbsd team. Specially if the software is both heavily used by obsd users and is often attacked. For example firefox, chrome, or nginx, to name a few.

I have completely fallen in love with protocol. Just a few things I miss like inline images (more of a client implementation thing?) or url fragments. Pitty that there is still lack of content I am intersted in. It would be a dream to be able to completely move my personal internet reading to gemini. Never possible for my work internet use though. Not in the slightest.

My server:
My client:
My android client:
Content generator: my own (hopefully out soon!)

@hund @pet84rik I miss those times when I had plenty of time to tinker with something. Enjoy!

@hund @pet84rik it gets difficult only when you try to push it to minimum. But thats also the time when you learn the most about what depends on what or why those things are in the kernel in the first place

I remember funny story from uni. A friend came to my dorm room with study materials on usb dongle. I made a tea for both cause I needed to compile in the usb mass storage support as I wasn't using it on daily basis and I was sporting custom minimal kernel without module support/initrd :D

@clematis I am getting connectio error upon clicking on search link

New article from the VPS self-hosting series about howto proxy your services with web server, and by doing so, gaining additional set of features for free. Hope you'll enjoy:

@oppen @garritfra Apps are built for masses. If they can be build for less effort, rest can be used for bug fixing, security, UX. If there will be usecase where flutter web is nogo? Then I will use flutter only for mobile. But 99.99% users give shit about vimium or dark themes. I am also not happy that existing geek tools won't work. We (geeks) have never be the target audience for any mainstream app/sw/ui kit. So we aren't now either. But hard numbers say, Flutter is the Future.

@oppen @garritfra I am using inverted colors ij browser myself and Vimium too. I do have broken experience on flutter web apps. But I still after several years of flutter development (started with late alpha) can say that it is mindblowing how fast and with how little resources you can build stuff for all major platforms. We are talking maybe 60-80% less code/resources/time/money for the same result. So would I be bitching on beta support for another platform? No...

@hund @person @lopeztel will be spent and used. Market many times evaluates based on popularity or bias and not by company/comodity true value. By investing to major tech index, you are investing to FAANG, therefore raising their value, therefore giving them more money to do what they do. There are many moral/philosophical questions like these and I finally wasn't able to justify my actions, therefore I quit. I am not saying that you should do the same though :)

@hund @person @lopeztel

I have been investing in the past. To precious metals and passive indexes. But I have quit years ago. My reasons were close to what Linus said. Your money on the market may do good as you've said and they may do the opposite too by creating stock market bubbles, by overpricing value of certain companies. Following market corrections causes many people loosing their jobs and money. By ivesting into passive index you let others (the market) decide how your...


@epical @hund

I am using since last big issue. In it is only matter of uninstalling sudo and installing doas and moving your custom rules to /etc/doas.conf (different, but simpler syntax). You can disable sudo support globally by adding "-sudo" to your global use flags. Don't know how hard it is in more mainstream distros ;) My only issues after the replacement were my own scripts relying on sudo rather than doas. Fix was just simple find&replace.

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