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@waifu I don't drink coffee neither. Couple of times a year. I drink green tea though, but not daily.

for all Ranger users. if you want live preview of docx files in the same way as it works for odt files. Just install docx2txt and add these lines below the odt definition in your .config/ranger/

# Docx
docx2txt < "${FILE_PATH}" && exit 5
exit 1;;


I have done "no electricity weekend evenings" during the last advent season with my family. Only candles, talking, playing board & card games. It was great.
I am about to do the same before easter again.

@tzycce Regular person will never do it. The effort and discomfort is too high. You are targeting people that has some driving force to take the rocky path like:

1. People that are strongly privacy oriented
2. People that need to manipulate their data often (need complete and raw access)
3. Tech savvy people interestested in selfhosting

I selfhost for more than decade and I decided last sommer to make a series about it too. 5 episodes are already out:

@rudolf well, that's not exactly an issue as there is no app calling home in initial installation and if you are forced to install and use one, then you probably can't block it on firewall either.

Btw you are many times able to remove "non removable apps" using adb shell command:

pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package_name>

But looking at it second time, it will be good addition in some special cases, so I will add it to the article. Thank you!

@timeslip1974 Cool! They have great potential to get bigger user base.

I made an article about degoogling an Android phone. I get asked a lot about this topic so I wrote it down. Feedback is appreciated as usual!

Months ago I wrote an article about securing a . That was securing against the threats from outside, because personal machines rarely has more than 1 user and almost never one you can not trust.

Here is great article going into deep details, mostly from an internal point of view.


Definitely recommend to read if you plan to host multiuser machine or if you are into . Make some tea/coffee, reserve an hour or two.

@vilda @tomasweber ja som sa snazil pouzivat ungoogled chromium ako daily driver ale diskomfort bol vacsi ako prinos. Ked potrebujem, pouzivam tor browser a inak som spat s Vivaldi. Navyse ten experimentalny vstavany night mode invertujuci farby webov je v nom ozaj skvely


I've checked bunch of docs/stats regarding BeagleV RISC-V CPU performance. It will be on par with the first android devices from around 2008.

Cpu has 2 cores running on 1.5GHz with CoreMark=5.1 (

To compare: dual core ARM Cortex-A15 on 1.7GHz has CoreMark=9.3 (

In perspective: GalaxyS4 from 2013 had big.little 4xA15 (2GHz) + 4xA7 (1.2GHz)

So if , then definitely with distcc :D

@hund knows its not possible to choose XMPP where the group is not homogeneous. But there are many people tooting about moving their family groups that can most of the time be migrated to anything. Parents and grand parents does not care, they just want to click an icon and write to family member. Choosing any of the free xmpp servers out there, registering and installing app from play/apple store is almost as simple as choosing signal

That morning, when the nature makes your commuting fun. 10 minutes of cleaning the pavement to the car. 10 minutes of cleaning the car, 20 minutes of cleaning the front yard road. Half a mile back, two cars in the ditch and one skid steer that came to help in the ditch too. Road to work that takes 15 mins took 35.

State road services got surprised by the snow yet another season :D

for all of us / keybinding maniacs out there. there is a compliant htop fork. works exactly as one would expect. thumbs up -vim !

@hund AFAIK the 5X and 6P HW triggered bootloops can be fixed on many devices by disabling 4 big cores and let in run on 4 small ones from the big.little arch. Friend of mine was successfull in reviving his 5X using the bootloader/kernel patch from the xda. more on that topic here:

if you still have the phone, it's worth a try or two.
may the force be with you.

Three weeks of holiday is over... Time to try how the 2021 tastes behind the borders of my property. Being honest, I am not very eager to find out :D but you never know, maybe there is something nice out there, waiting for me. Fingers crossed

there are 5 ips subscribed to my blog feed, but I know only of 3 people that subscribed, so maybe two of them use computer and phone with local clients :D

back to the point. 66.6% of my subscribers where asking for full article content in the feed, so I tried hard to please the masses and switched from totally manual web/blog creation to most holistic site generator . I had to change format from old rss to atom and and some other things.

let me know if you find any issues @hund ;)

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