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@ksuresh well it really depends on language you are using, accuracy you are looking for and complexity of queries you're typing. for average american joe it is the same experience. if you are french developer searching for library bug fix in your mother tongue, duckduckgo would suck big time.

disclaimer: i use duckduckgo too :) but not that much for development related searches though. even in english.

@hund I have disassembled several X230 many times and I am still using one as a home server. My small bits:
1. use magnetic screwdriver
2. reapply cpu paste if possible
3. when replacing LCD panel
3.1 check if cables are all the way in its channel. once I got missed one place, it went out a bit and it got snapped after some time during opening/closing the lid
3.2 be sure that battery is out and power is unplugged :) once I shortened lcd panel connector. destroyed mb

good luck!

@hund this was exactly my question when I read this yesterday

@m1k3 @jrballesteros05 @hund that is not true. It was only exaggeration. I am talking about being proud of doing something, or being part of something, that is bad and being able to see it. that's all.


@hund saying that is like saying I admire Hitler,cause he didnt have people,he had fans.When he said kill jews,they killed,when he said let 20k starvate to death in Netherlands,they made it so.The fact,that Apple is able to market itself to a point when people are not only willingly buying overpriced,brutaly restrictive,often mediocre stuff,but they are also loud and proud about it is very sad and it is duty of everyone who see that to explain them whats wrong


no streaming/cloud service says that its like rental. they tell you the opposite. For example netflix says: You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want. People are mostly unaware. They are creating their own playlists and libraries on netflix or spotify, without ability to migrate, or any promise they will be allowed to use it in a week or month. Look at Adobe and how they migrated everybody to cloud and then completely blocked venezuela. even with no refund.

@hund no hard feelings against netflix in particular, but more against media streaming services in general. It teaches people quantity over quality. It promotes, that abundance is better than having only what you really need/like. It won't give you the ownership to what you bought. It won't promise you that you'll have it forever even if you won't stop paying... and my personal problem would also be how much time I would spend on it :)

@Vollmer based on your two posts, you should go for Kubuntu LTS :)

@person if direct video url is in the xml, then any video player supporting the format.
if not, you can write custom parser for the link provided in the xml and get the video url by yourself. (if you have some programming skills)

@hund I have had mostly thinkpads, I am completely used to trackpoint, it is much more convenient/faster form me to have the ability to keep hands on the keyboard and use mouse at the same time. Second big factor is keyboard. Old thinkpad keyboard is the best ever, new (post 2013) chicklet style one is second best on the market ever. Linux support is not awesome as during old IBM days, especialy if you buy bleeding edge model. But after 1-2 years, all my issues were always resolved

@PizzaMyHeart sure they can. mindmap sw would give you also the full linkage tree visualisation. in hw zettelkasten they did it by putting out all relevant cards and place it on the table or floor. in wiki you can do comparable thing with fulltext search, but you won't see the links between the results and also what is linking to those results that didn't comply to the search pattern. you then need to rely on correct and detailed tagging, that will assure, that all relevant data are shown.

@PizzaMyHeart if you are comparing the concepts themselves, then it is not good comparision.
what library+library register was in the past is now wiki.
what zettelkasten was in the past is now mindmapping software.

so do you want to compare modern mindmapping to zettelkasten? or concept of mindmapping to wiki?

@PizzaMyHeart yes documents in hw zettelkasten should be ideas, or pieces of information, but in sw version you have no limitations in case of drawer sizes or usage/readability issues in case bigger documents. so bigger texts are not an issue. especially with fulltext search.

@PizzaMyHeart original hw version had both categories and tags. tags were just words on the note. categories were represented as document id building blocks.

animals: 1
plants: 2
fruits: 2/1
mammals: 1/1
wolfs: 1/1/1
foxes: 1/1/2

your note about albino foxes: 1/1/2/1
another about fox rabies: 1/1/2/2

in software, you can keep both categories and tags, or let tags act also as categories. that is convenient, because you can then put documents to multiple categories (tags)

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