I am happy @OpenBSDAms VM owner and now also happy stickers owner. Thank you for your awesome work people!

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Hello folks. Specially @mwlucas. I have 3 questions.

1. Is 3rd edition of planned/in-progress?

2. If yes, is it planned for 2023 or some other year?

3. Is current 2nd edition still good source of information?

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@tulpa "better" is not exact term and the outcome is based on what are your expectations. If you look for "security first" approach, openbsd will be right up there. If you prefer wide app base, best performance, or gaming platform, then openbsd can not deliver. I use for home router, personal server and it is also my daily personal driver, but for work I need to use linux () because many technologies and programming languages are simoly not supported on BSDs

@aspie4K is more modern, more hyped and more cohesive. People with deeper background are mostly bitching on XEPs. You don't have one robust set of functionalities you can rely on. Every server or client supports only subset of all xeps to some degree. So if you want more than simple plaintext chat, you sometimes run into issues. Specially with federation.

I personaly use just because I hate how resource hungry matrix instance is and I like thing simple and minimal

@hund still wondering why and not . Devuan is basically debian without systemd and pulseaudio. Rocksolid, same release schedule, everything. I use it on dev workstations at work. You can even choose 's as init system instead of sysvinit.

If you fancy , there is more actively maintained fork, with some new features and bug fixes called .


Good morning everyone. I published a new blog post about apps and my journey from / user to user and finally to happy user. Hope you'll enjoy. Feel free to drop a comment here if you like it :)



6 more weeks until 2021 ends. For me, definitelly the worst year in my life on all levels. Considering circumstances, also not looking forward to 2022. But to end this on a good note, 2023 may be the brighter future I am hoping for...

Hi everyone. This time I wrote rather personal article. It was 20 years since I delivered my first code job to the customer. So I prepared some serious programming life summary :) Enjoy!



Hey everyone! My capsule is back online using as a replacement for (inetd/relayd). It is awesome. Very like. Nice man pages, httpd/relayd config style, pledge and unveil applied and developer is very kind and responsive. Thanks again @yumh

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@hund Om det får dig att må bättre, jag kan tala svenska på fediverse för dig :D

Hey community. Any time frame regarding support for ECDSA certs? My certs got updated and my capsule is not working due to relayd start failure: ssl_load_key: failed to extract RSA.

Maybe @solene ?

@graphonymous there you go :) so check those other things I mentioned if you find them interesting and maybe spend some time browsing forum and wiki. Great sources of information.

But most important thing is. Enjoy your , arguably best distro our there ;)

I have finally found decent amount of hours today to move on with my html+gemini static site generator. One or two days like this one and I am ready for first public beta release. I use it myself for several months though... And I already have some test pilots, which in the past said, they are open to try it out! @hund @juraj @solene :) Thanks in advance

I have published a brief blog post about self-hosting CalDAV & CardDAV server using . It is lastest addition to my series. This time shorter and less technical, because there are no hacks, customizations and tricks needed to install this piece of software. Thumbs up to the guys who wrote the official radicale documentation.


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