I am happy @OpenBSDAms VM owner and now also happy stickers owner. Thank you for your awesome work people!

That morning, when the nature makes your commuting fun. 10 minutes of cleaning the pavement to the car. 10 minutes of cleaning the car, 20 minutes of cleaning the front yard road. Half a mile back, two cars in the ditch and one skid steer that came to help in the ditch too. Road to work that takes 15 mins took 35.

State road services got surprised by the snow yet another season :D

All my adult life I try to use things as long as possible. Not only phones and other hw. I found out, that the best way to learn to appreciate value is to try to make it. To find out what effort is behind. Then you will see, that modern society consumption and western world prices are nonsense. Try make a t-shirt and ask yourself if you would sell it for $20. I recently decided to make a furniture from scratch. Here is my first attempt. Hopefully the last bed I will ever need. (140 work hours)

I am blessed with great views when looking out of my house windows, but sometimes, nature makes it even more special. This is my living room from yesterday evening.


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