I started over with my kernel config from scratch. It went from 55 min, to 16 min and now only 10 minutes to compile the kernel. It's also considerably smaller in size. :)

@hund that will be my next step on this machine. I am still on a distribution binary kernel

@pet84rik It's actually not that difficult once you sit down with it and take your time. :)


@hund @pet84rik it gets difficult only when you try to push it to minimum. But thats also the time when you learn the most about what depends on what or why those things are in the kernel in the first place

I remember funny story from uni. A friend came to my dorm room with study materials on usb dongle. I made a tea for both cause I needed to compile in the usb mass storage support as I wasn't using it on daily basis and I was sporting custom minimal kernel without module support/initrd :D

@marian_mizik @pet84rik This is reasonable minimal, I think. Maybe? :)

I have about 60 MiB of modules and Nvidia alone takes about 30 MiB of that. When it comes to the rest, like kernel features, I haven't been super crazy, I haven't disabled every cryptographic method possible as I'm not knowledgeable about that yet, but I will read up about those things this weekend.

It's a lot of fun to tinker! And I'm currently home sick so I have some extra time on my hands now. :)

@hund @pet84rik I miss those times when I had plenty of time to tinker with something. Enjoy!

@marian_mizik @pet84rik You'll soon be a senior and by then you'll have lots of time to tinker with your computers! ;)

@marian_mizik So in that case, isn't the best idea to keep this distribution kernel as well? Just in case, for example, that my ethernet card fails or and I won't be able to connect to the internet. Of course, I can keep kernel sources, but the binary kernel is probably much much smaller than the kernel source. @hund

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