Currently doing some RnD for work regarding flutter web, and it definitely has its use cases.

- Trivial to to set up
- Shared code base for iOS, Android and Web

- Relatively Heavy
- No native html

@garritfra this was doing the rounds a while back: Given how the Android screen reader operates I can't imagine Flutter will be able to operate at all, it uses the view hierarchy and Flutter is just one big window into their own world.


@oppen @garritfra I am using inverted colors ij browser myself and Vimium too. I do have broken experience on flutter web apps. But I still after several years of flutter development (started with late alpha) can say that it is mindblowing how fast and with how little resources you can build stuff for all major platforms. We are talking maybe 60-80% less code/resources/time/money for the same result. So would I be bitching on beta support for another platform? No...

@oppen @garritfra Apps are built for masses. If they can be build for less effort, rest can be used for bug fixing, security, UX. If there will be usecase where flutter web is nogo? Then I will use flutter only for mobile. But 99.99% users give shit about vimium or dark themes. I am also not happy that existing geek tools won't work. We (geeks) have never be the target audience for any mainstream app/sw/ui kit. So we aren't now either. But hard numbers say, Flutter is the Future.

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