I listened to the latest WAN Show from Linus Tech Tips today, and Linus mentioned the fact that he doesn't invest his money into the stock market, because he consider that to be an unethical thing to do as an "influencer".

He also doesn't like people who Invest their money and let the money work for them. He values "hard work" and consider that to be adding true value to the world.

I generally consider Linus to be a bright person, so this surprised me a bit.

@person Because it seems like a dumb idea to not let your money work for you, which means that your saved money looses its value over time due to inflation and the fact that you waste time on a job when you don't have to. :)

@hund So Linus is right: you are getting payed for doing absolutely nothing. If you would rather exchange shares'n stuff to bring in tons of profit without providing anyone any valuable product or service than fine, don't expect me to have respect for your """""work""""" however.

@person I'm getting paid by letting my money work for me. So, yes, I'm basically doing nothing and it's great!

The money I invest goes towards a lot of people and they do a lot of good. It creates job opportunities and new products, like perhaps your new computer or research for a sustainable future.

I'm contributing just as much as anyone else.


@hund @person @lopeztel

I have been investing in the past. To precious metals and passive indexes. But I have quit years ago. My reasons were close to what Linus said. Your money on the market may do good as you've said and they may do the opposite too by creating stock market bubbles, by overpricing value of certain companies. Following market corrections causes many people loosing their jobs and money. By ivesting into passive index you let others (the market) decide how your...

@hund @person @lopeztel ...money will be spent and used. Market many times evaluates based on popularity or bias and not by company/comodity true value. By investing to major tech index, you are investing to FAANG, therefore raising their value, therefore giving them more money to do what they do. There are many moral/philosophical questions like these and I finally wasn't able to justify my actions, therefore I quit. I am not saying that you should do the same though :)

@marian_mizik @hund @person thanks for the insight, I'm no expert by any means. Fascinating topic to say the least.
I agree that investing in stock can do good but I also think that most of the time people will seek their own personal gain before anything else

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