@joeligj12 @hund

doas is nice but can you even ditch sudo completely?

@epical @hund I mean su its still there, but yeah,I don't think its as comfortable



@epical @hund

I am using since last big issue. In it is only matter of uninstalling sudo and installing doas and moving your custom rules to /etc/doas.conf (different, but simpler syntax). You can disable sudo support globally by adding "-sudo" to your global use flags. Don't know how hard it is in more mainstream distros ;) My only issues after the replacement were my own scripts relying on sudo rather than doas. Fix was just simple find&replace.

@marian_mizik @joeligj12 @hund gentoo is amazing, I have to give it another chance in the future :)

@epical @marian_mizik @hund Well, I have been living in the Void for a while. Its not as complicated as both of those, but its still quite nice imo xD

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