I'm planning a blog series for #selfhosting where I start installing a linux server from scratch. This is meant for users not so familiar with the topic.

It is supposed to offer an alternative for most used big tech services like photos, messaging (whatsapp), calendar etc.

But I'm struggling with my first post on why to do this without sounding like a tinfoil hat guy which is not approachable to an average person at all.

Any ideas why a regular person would be interested in this topic?


@tzycce Regular person will never do it. The effort and discomfort is too high. You are targeting people that has some driving force to take the rocky path like:

1. People that are strongly privacy oriented
2. People that need to manipulate their data often (need complete and raw access)
3. Tech savvy people interestested in selfhosting

I selfhost for more than decade and I decided last sommer to make a series about it too. 5 episodes are already out:


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