A brief recap on search engines:

- Google has accurate results, it's really fast, but it tracks you very effectively
- DuckDuckGo has decent results, while not always accurate (I'd say it gets the answer 60% of the time). It doesn't track you, but it's a bit slower.
- Startpage has "Google" results, but it's reeeeally slow, 3 or more seconds to get an answer!
- Ecosia is Bing and lets Bing track you
- Bing/Yahoo/ are not good enough on both privacy and results

So, which one should I use?


Oh and of course, searX just doesn't work 70% of the time. I don't understand how people can use it, maybe it's just me being unlucky?

@marcosg self hosted searx. Gets around the rate limiting issues you have with the public instances.

@marcosg I have exactly the same experience with all the searX-instances I've used, now I'm back at ddg, it's the best compromise for me, I've used it for almost two years now, so I'm used to how to coerce it to show me what I want.

@sotolf Yeah, it's a good compromise. It's what I'm currently using.

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