I wrote a new article. This time I talk about the importance to learn to teach something as a way to learn it deeper.

@marcosg Great article :) and is really nice, it just is clean and nice to read on :)

@sotolf Thank you!

I decided to keep writing on it instead of

Nothing wrong with bearblog, of course, that's a great platform too!

@marcosg Yeah bearblog is clean as well, just a bit more effort to maintain from what I saw :)

@sotolf I would kindly suggest bearblog to absolute lazy people too (as I am).

It's really simple. It's just markdown with optional CSS, and it's organized in pages and posts. Wordsmith just removes the "pages" and only allow different blogs with posts. It's an even more minimalistic idea of a blog.

@marcosg I totally recognize this.
A couple of times I noticed that I understood less than I thought about a particular topic while I was making slides to explain it to others. :-)

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